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Get Free Search Engine Optimization Audit for your site

MMP Caringbah offers the best free SEO Audit services to provide a detailed and in-depth website analysis experience and performs the full health check of your website with different strategies and suggestions to improve your online visibility and increase traffic.

Our SEO audit also helps you identify the problems that could possibly hinder your website search performance. MMP Caringbah helps you fix the issues and create a dynamic strategy to succeed. An audit will give you a comprehensive insight into the challenges your website is facing.

We can also help you in determining whether a website needs to be redesigned or rebuilt for the successful show of your business. We generally take 3-5 weeks to complete an SEO audit.Seo Audit

How do we perform a search engine optimization audit?

  • Check broken links and redirects, and audit of HTTP status code.
  • Audit of Meta tags for URLs: this audit is also important for examining H1, meta titles, canonicals, robots’ tags, content length, etc.
  • Check external and internal links of every URL.
  • Test the speed of the website: Problems will be detected that are slowing down the website’s loading speed.
  • Internal page Rank: All irrelevant URLs will be deleted. The structure of internal links will be optimized.
  • URLs: A convenient tool to search by URL and improve your website by detecting and deleting errors.
  • Optimize the structure of the Website: Changes will be made in the structure of internal links to increase website ranking.
  • Text content: availability of text content on every page will be checked. Improvement will be made.
  • Keyword research: 100 pages of keyword research will be provided. Suggestions will be given for meta descriptions, anchor texts for internal linking, etc.
  • Menu linking: We check whether menus are linked to important pages or not.
  • Sidebar: The sidebar is displaying web content effectively or not. Their link with internal pages will be analyzed.
  • Contextual links: It is all about earning the links. Links that will get you qualified traffic and help in achieving better search rankings.
  • Content duplication: We will check whether the content is duplicated or not. If it is then suggestions will be given accordingly.
  • Keyword overlapping will be checked and removed.
  • Image tags: we have a complete list of images and their alt tags without alt tags.
  • Canonical URLs:  we will check whether websites are using canonical tags appropriately or not.
  • Anchor text: relevancy of anchor text with the linking page will be analyzed.
  • LPO: Landing page optimization will be done to improve the elements on a website to increase traffic.
  • Multi-regional Website testing: We will ensure that website regional versions are running smoothly.
  • Multilingual website Testing: If a website is hosted in multi-languages, we make sure that they are in their best practice.
  • Favicon and logo: We check if they are optimized fully for different screen sizes.
  • Keyword stuffing: Keyword stuffing may lead to a website ban; we make sure that keywords are not stuffed.
  • Bounce rate: We will track the bounce rate and suggest a solution.
  • Domain and page authority: Domain and page authority will be checked, and suggestions will be provided.

Free SEO audit

We also help our customers to provide free SEO audits through which they can easily fix some general errors or they can hire us to fix the SEO issues.

Get a free SEO audit on your website to increase the lead and sales. Things that are measured by the free SEO audit tool are:

  • Text Statistics
  • Google page speed
  • HTML tags
  • Content Quality
  • Presence of social link on your website
  • Presence of many technical aspects
  • Page authority and Domain authority
  • Images and metadata will be checked for missing information
  • List top 10 keywords.
  • This SEO audit is completely free, and you can download it.
  • Backlinks Audit

For more information, contact us at or call us directly on 02 85440946 to learn more about how our high-quality SEO Audit can drive results for your business.

September 15, 2022
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