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Competitive Audit

Competitive Audit

Competitive Audit and Analysis Services.

Why You Need to Have a Website Competitive Audit

Beat your competitors online with website competitive analysis. Stay ahead and create new ideas by analyzing a competitor’s website. This analysis will help you find your weaknesses. Discover how you can overcome your weaknesses and fill the gaps with a competitive website audit.

Competitive Audit

MmpCaringbah provides services of website competitive audit. Find out the areas where improvement is required to stand out in the online business world.

Improve your marketing strategies with competitive audit

Evaluate competitor’s information, assess your position to improve your marketing strategies. Plan your strategies with us against your competitor.  Find out their customers, financial position, strategies, advertising campaigns, etc. our objective is not only to analyze your website, but we also provide recommendations and ideas to get your site stand out from the crowd. Once we have done the website competitive audit, you will find that your position in online business is enhanced.

How we conduct a competitive audit

Before conducting audit our team will analyze your website current performance and set some goals. Some of the tricks and tools used by our team are mention below

  1. Identify your competitors

The first and foremost thing is to identify your competitor. Through keyword research, we will find out which keywords they would use to find out the products and services you offer. Type those keywords in search engine. Google will give you suggestions or recommendations for the keyword you typed. Find out on which page you and your competitor fall in the search results. Top 3 search results receive more organic traffic as compared to others. These three top searches results are your possible competitors.

  1. Competitor’s website analysis

In the next step, we will examine your competitor’s website. We will find out the user experience that a site offers. Searching through their social media channels, contents and website design gives us great insight into their weaknesses and strengths. The information we get from their site analysis will help us to make improvements to your website. We will reshape the structure and design of your website to attract potential customers.

  1. SEO analysis

It is very important to check out the SEO structure of a competitor’s website. We will find out how they are using keywords and where are they using these keywords, are these keywords included in the page title, URL structure, content, H1 tags, internal links. Types of keywords they are using is another important step. Our team will discover ways to fill the gap between you and your biggest competitor. List of keywords will be generated to drive traffic.

  1. Lead generation analysis

Lead generation analysis helps us to find out how they are diverting traffic? What are they offering visitors? How many CTAs are there on their page? CTAs help to engage more and more customers.

  1. Social media analysis

How your competitor is using different social media channels to gain attraction? Social media analysis helps us to find out the strategies they are using to become more visible and how they are generating more traffic. Our team will drive strategies to engage your audience on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Conclusion: complete competitive analysis improves your website visibility

Complete website analysis is very important for the growth of your business. Mmp Caringbah can help you to conduct a thorough analysis of competitors websites. Our team will also check backlinks to identify the gaps in the backlink profile. Professional strategies and effective planning can provide you a great advantage.Start your website competitive analysis today with us. Contact us to conduct a competitive audit and get a final report.

October 4, 2022
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