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Business Card Magnets

Business Card Magnets

Business Card Magnets

Stay in front of eyes – Stay in mind

Magnets can play a perfect role to make your business and services memorable. Business card magnets are best to keep you connected with your clients. It helps to make your contact information visible and accessible. Custom business magnet card can be placed on any magnetic and metallic surface.

Place your mini-billboard wherever you like. Make your business card stand out, get your card noticed.

Business Card Magnets

Magnetic business cards are best for services providers. Customers can stick these service providers card to their refrigerators and can call them if any emergency occurs. Small and medium business can improve its marketing strategy by using these stylish business card magnets. Increase your brand awareness and take it to the next level.

Highly durable business card magnets can present your business for a long duration. Restaurants deliver these magnetic cards to their customers so that they can use this card whenever they want their meal or pizza home delivery.

Custom business card magnets

We have a wide range of designs at MmpCaringbah library. Select your design for your business magnet card. Great variety of colors and layouts will make your business magnet card extremely visually appealing card. Custom business magnets cards attract more customers than ordinary business cards. They are available in high contrasting colors and available in variable thickness.

Add your name, company or brand logo and vital information about your business. You can upload your design or your own photo to add a personal touch in your card. We also offer full-color printing to make your card look stunning.

Vibrant colors and bold text make these business card magnets to read from distance. These business cards do not stick inside the wallet like ordinary business card. Proudly distribute these business card magnets in functions and events, people can find your card attracted because of its adorable look and unique magnetic property.

We offer different coatings to make your business card magnets durable and long-lasting. Glossy coating and UV coating make your business card reflective and durable. These coatings also help to make your business card waterproof.  Our business magnet cards are affordable with strong magnetic backing.

Give a better exposure to your services

Business magnets card can be placed on refrigerators, cabinets, and many other magnetic surfaces for better exposure. These cards on refrigerators or file cabinets can provide a continuous reminder of your services. Due to their appearance and magnetic ability, people find them attracting and do not throw them away.

They are easily removable so you can change their place and stick them to the place to have greater visibility.  You can send your business magnetic card to your client who is not in town through mail. In this way you can also increase your sales.

These business cards are used by many professionals like doctors, real estate agents, plumbers, and many more.If you want to know more about our business magnet card, contact us for details. You will surely find our printing services very economical yet high in quality. Discount will be offered if you order business magnet card in bulk quantity.

October 13, 2022
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