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5 Awesome Ways to Make Flyer Design Stand Out

Flyers are a great and easy way to promote your business. A well designed flyer can grab the users’ attention and hold it long enough for them to act on it. It is an important part of marketing strategy and when done well can bring in immediate sales and brand recognition.

For a flyer to stand out in a crowded marketplace, it has to be well designed— this would mean that the designer has to be skilled enough to choose the right font, artwork, and colour to create a compelling visual. If you are a business owner, you would want your customers to pay attention to the content on the flyer and take action.

The style of a flyer is usually determined by the designer. It would largely depend on the needs and goals of the client. It could be big, bold, and vibrant or simple, with minimal use of colour. We have accumulated a collection of flyers and 10 creative ways to make it stand out. Hopefully, this gives you the inspiration you need to make a flyer that would stand out for your next project.

Collage/ Mix

By mixing various design elements, you are able to create a flyer that stands out. Combining typography styles and playing with size combinations can help push your poster design to the surface. Take a look at the flyer above, you’ll see that the designer has played with mixing different textures and superimposing colours to make the design pop. This poster is designed by Austin Peralta.

Vibrant colours scheme

Sometimes all it takes is a bright, punchy pop of colour to make the design stand out. This design by ONF showcases a great colour palette and shows how using bold colours can make a big difference in your design. By sticking to just two brights, the designer is able to draw attention to the primary elements in the flyer.


Minimal designs create an impact on their own. Besides bringing clarity and legibility to the text and the content, they help draw the user to the primary elements of the content. This poster was designed for a bar in Montreal, Canada. Designed by the agency BZOING is a perfect example of a minimalist design. The use of simple foliage and beautiful type makes the design stand out.

Vintage/Antique effect Flyers

This vintage-looking poster was designed by We print pancakes. This handcrafted poster features vintage typography and plays with form and content.

Pattern Study

The human eye is naturally drawn to patterns. As a designer, you may choose to use them throughout your design or use them just as an accent to enhance the look and feel of the design. However you may choose to use them, they are capable of making people looking at your flyer. Here is a beautiful poster designed by Matteo Vandelli, Guilia Faini and Luca Sarti is a perfect example of an eye-grabbing patterned flyer. The trio came up with 6 different patterns that could be mixed and matched to promote a street fair.



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